YouTube’s ‘Miniplayer’ Allows Browsing While Watching Videos On Desktop

YouTube is probably the most popular video streaming service and the new mini player is going to enhance the popularity. The video multi tasking desktop was tested earlier in 2018 and now the mini player is available officially. However, the feature is not yet available on all web browsers yet. The new icon for mini player is added to bottom-right corner under video tools. If you click it –the video will get into PIP mode.


You can exit the minimized window mode anytime by clicking on the player. Right clicking it opens the options menu.  While it is useful for users who want to watch movies while browsing the websites, the window is not resizable. It is restricted to the web page.

However, as you open other tabs it still keeps playing. It will still take some time before Youtube makes it available to all the users. In a surprising move, Google made it available to edge users. In a few days or a week, it will likely be made available to other third party browsers. So far the player has evoked mostly positive response from the users who have tried it.

The Mini player will also be available for Apple users who use Chrome browser. As of now, only Chrome 69 supports it. The player will have basic controls required to control playback. However, this is the first version to come out and over time, Google may add more features to the player. It is yet to be seen whether it helps in reducing or affecting resource consumption or not.

This is something more Google users will lap up in the coming days. However, on finer analysis this is not exactly a brand new feature for enjoying minimized video playback. Opera has video pop out feature which works more or less in the same way. This can be handy for these users who want to multitask when using the web. However, to enjoy its functionality you will need a device or PC with really large display or else a sizeable part will be taken up by it.

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