Xiaomi Admits To putting Ads In The Settings Menu Of Its Smartphones

Chinese smartphone manufacturing company Xiaomi has admitted it shows off self-effacing ads on the MIUI skin present in most of its smartphones.

In a statement to The Verge, Xiaomi has said ads are integral to the company’s business model and it will continue to integrate advertisements into its smartphones as part of its Internet Services. However, it has also said that while ads are integral to Xiaomi’s strategy for smartphones, it will nonetheless be accountable for a pleasant user experience and will give the option to turn off the ads, and will continue to rethink how and where these ads would be placed. Xiaomi has always aimed at inconspicuous ads and that users should receive as few recommendations as possible.


In the past few days, many users of Xiaomi devices have said on Reddit and Twitter they are receiving most pop-up ads on MIUI-based apps. Some have even reported them as showing up in the settings’ menu as well.

Although the company has provided users with the option of turning them off, however, they still continue to pop-up, even when they are turned off. So, many users have tried to get rid of the annoying ads by trying to delete the MIUI System Ads app. However, it is unclear whether this will solve the problem or not.

However, the company has said its Android One smartphone like the Mi A1 and A2 do not receive any such ads. Amazon’s low-cost phones have an option to pay an additional amount, to get rid of these ads. While Samsung sends ads to its smartphones through push notifications.

Source The verge