WhatsApp New Updated Brings ‘Swipe to Reply’ Feature To Android Users

The latest WhatsApp beta update brings Andriod users the Swipe to Reply feature. This feature is available in the WhatsApp version number 2.18.300. The Swipe to Reply feature was available in the iOS version when the per-message reply was included. It is only the Andriod users who were left behind with this feature update.  Nevertheless, it’s now feasible for WhatsApp users on Android to just swipe on message and replying to it. Basically, WhatsApp is making it simpler for Android users to respond back to a message.


WhatsApp Swipe To Reply Feature: How it Works?

Last few months through the updates, WhatsApp added the feature to reply to a selected message on both Android and iOS platforms. In order to avoid the confusion in a conversation, user cans selectively reply to a single message in Whatsapp with Swipe to Reply feature.

Before the Swipe to Reply feature was rolled out the Andriod users need to select the message they would like to reply and hit the reply button which is on top of the screen. WhatsApp is now focused on bringing user experience easier to navigate to reply to the messages. As simple as a swipe from the left-hand side the message to reply will be selected.

In order to give a reply to the selected message, the user must type a message and hit the send icon. This swipe to reply feature does exist in the iOS platforms due to its inbuilt user-friendly interface. WhatsApp took about 12 months to prepare Swipe to Reply feature update for Andriod users.

How to get Whatsapp Swipe To Reply feature?

The Andriod Beta users will now be able to enjoy the WhatsApp swipe to reply updated features. After thorough testing, WhatsApp will add the features to the stable version to roll out to all Andriod users.

WhatsApp users who have signed up for WhatsApp Beta for Andriod v.2.18.300 can install the update from Google Play Store to use the Swipe To Reply feature. The new users must note, WhatsApp Beta program is not accepting any new registrations. The users can just uninstall the existing stable version of WhatsApp and install the Beta APK from the APK mirror to bring the Swipe to Reply feature.

Don’t be surprised to see advertisements in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook is formulating plans to bring advertisements in the WhatsApp platform. Users enjoy using WhatsApp as it is completely advertisement free messenger available in the market at this moment. The introduction of advertisements in WhatsApp is definitely bringing some privacy issue, as the ad displays will be of user interest-based ads.