Indian Government To Whatsapp: Find Ways To Trace Origin Of Messages To Fight Fake News

Indian Government has begun a new initiative for social media and security. Indian government is going to push WhatsApp to develop a technological solution to trace out the origin of messages. This initiative will prevent controversial texts and fake news. WhatsApp is going to build a technology where the government can track where a particular message came from.

Earlier, there were several controversial messages and fake news being circulated widely on WhatsApp. Hence the company has a put a limit to group messages and brought it down from 250 to 5.

Tracing Whatsapp Messages is Possible

The government officials firmly believe that the technological solution of tracing messages is necessary and doable. The intention of the government is not to look into the content of the message, but instead to trace its origin. Hence, this initiative will not go against the WhatsApp’s end to end encryption policy. This technological solution will help trace the origin if the same message has been forwarded more than 100 times.


WhatsApp not likely to budge on End to End Encryption

The ministry says they are not demanding anything wrong as the government cannot allow any kind of anonymous forwarding of content that can lead to violence in the country. The ministry does not intend to pressurize WhatsApp to compromise on its functionalities to achieve this goal.

WhatsApp Agrees to Set Up Indian Entity

A meeting was held between Minister of Electronics and IT and the CEO of WhatsApp where the government requested the company to initiate the set up on Indian Entity. This would help in the traceability of messages. WhatsApp has in mutual agreement decided to set up an Indian Entity.

Indian Government Does Not Want to Hurt WhatsApp Private Policy

The government firmly believes that building trace-ability for the origin of messages would undermine the policy of end to end encryption and privacy of WhatsApp. This may create the potential of misuse. Hence, an agreement has been made that WhatsApp will not weaken the protections they provide.

The government officials have also ensured that they have not asked WhatsApp to compromise on its privacy policies. They are just asking for a technological solution to track origin of messages while keeping its existing features intact!

Will WhatsApp be able to bring about this new technological solution? Well, we need to wait and watch!