Trick: How To Generat Multple Jio Barcode for iPhone, Windows & Android

Generating a Jio barcode is a prerequisite to getting a Jio sim. Without the barcodes, one cannot use a Jio sim. Buying barcodes from unauthorized dealers will not do any good and it’s too costly.

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If the user has a Jio sim without generating Jio barcode then it is clear that the sim cannot be activated at all. Many users have queries about barcodes. Here are a few of them:

• How to generate Jio barcode in iPhone

• How to generate Jio barcode in 3G mobile devices

• How to generate multiple Jio barcodes

Generate Multiple Jio Barcode
Generate Multiple Jio Barcode

With so many users switching to Jio network, it is difficult to get Jio sim. Activating it without facing issues is a significant task. Activating Jio sim within 15 minutes using eKYC process is the easiest and quickest way at present.

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Jio sim can be activated anytime between 15 minutes to 4 hours with unlimited data.

Generate Jio Barcode on LTE or VoLTE Enabled 4G Mobile:

Generating a Jio barcode on an LTE or VoLTE enabled 4G Smartphone devices is the most common method available. The only prerequisite is to ensure that your mobile supports VoLTE or LTE network.

If the user’s 4G devices support LTE, then a Jio barcode can be generated within 5 minutes. Jio is now available for every 4G devices. If your Smartphone has the latest 4G VoLTE system updates, then the user can get unlimited calls.

Steps to Generate Jio Barcode for 4G Mobiles:

  • Install MyJio App from Play store
  • Open the MyJio App. The user need not install 10 apps
  • In MyJio App, Select State and City Name.
  • Next, enter Full Name and Phone number to Generate OTP
  • Submit the OTP to get Jio Barcode.

After generating Jio barcode with the above-mentioned steps, visit your nearby Jio store to get the free Jio sim. Activate the sim by following the Tele-verification process. The user can use the sim then and there.

Generate Jio Barcode for 2G and 3G Mobiles:

For 2G and 3G android devices that are not supported by LTE or VoLTE, it is best advised to use Wi-Fi to generate Jio barcode. This is to prevent intermittent connectivity issues that may arise otherwise.

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Steps to Generate Jio Barcode for 2G and 3G Devices:

  • Download old version of MyJio App from the Play store.
  • Disconnect Wi-Fi after installing 10 apps. Open MyJio App.
  • Click the ‘Get Free Jio sim’. Enable the Internet connection to view the available location.
  • Click on Agree and ‘Get Jio Offer’ to generate Jio Barcode in 2G and 3G devices.

Once generated, visit your nearby Jio store to get the free Jio sim. It is possible to activate Jio services on 3G devices.

How to Generate Multiple Jio Barcodes:

It is not possible to generate unlimited Jio barcodes without rooting your android device. If the user is ready to root the device, the whole android software will undergo many changes, though the device won’t be harmed.

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It is important for the user to decide about rooting the device.

Steps to Generate Unlimited Jio Barcodes on Rooted Android Device:

  • Download and install Xposed IMEI changer App from Play store.
  • Change your IMEI to 353005070562xxx. xxx can be any number of your choice.
  • Next, download and install Expose MobileFaker App from Play store.
  • Open MobileFaker App and select Android version 5.1.1. Then select “Samsung” in the next section. Select “Sm-a800i” or select 4.4.2 and S6 in the next section.
  • Download MyJio App from Play store and never update it again. The trick works only in the base version.
  • Open MyJio App and select “Get Jio Sim Offer” next to the prompt Login / Signup.
  • Your location will be automatically detected and confirmation on availability will be provided. If your location is not detected, then enter manually.
  • In the next section, Check the T & C and click on Agree and Get Jio Offer.
  • An offer code and barcode will be generated. Save this screenshot to get the Jio sim.
  • Submit the list of identification documents required along with the photographs in your nearby Jio store to get the sim.
  • Repeat the above-mentioned steps ample times to get unlimited Jio barcodes.

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Generate Jio Barcodes For iPhone:

Jio sim supports a few versions of iPhone especially iPhone 6 and later. If you own an iPhone 4 or 5, try the IMEI changer trick for best results.

Steps to Generate Jio Barcode for iPhone 6 and later:

  • Download latest version of MyJio App from iTunes
  • The user need not download all 10 apps.
  • Open MyJio App and click on “Get Jio Sim”
  • Your location will be automatically detected and your confirmation on the same is provided.
  • Click on Agree and Get Free Jio Sim to generate Jio barcode for iPhone.
  • Visit nearby Jio store to get the sim.

Generate Jio barcodes For Windows Phone

For generating Jio Barcodes on Windows phone, you need to have access to a laptop or PC

Steps to Generate Jio Barcode for Windows phone: 

  • Borrow any 2G or 3G phone to generate the Jio barcode
  • If not, install Blue Stocks on your laptop or PC
  • Install MyJio app from the playstore
  • Use the IMEI changer trick mentioned above and make the Blue Stocks as a 4G device
  • Generate the Jiobarcode on windows phone

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FAQ on Generating the Jio Barcode

  • Can I generate Jio barcode on one mobile and use it on another device?
  • Yes, absolutely. The Jio Barcode is just to help you get a Jio sim card.
  • What should I do if I get a Generated Barcode Expired message?
  • Recently, for some people, the Jio Barcode shows a expired message even if they haven’t used the code. Enter the code correctly and make sure that you have scanned it right. Jio barcodes never expire
  • How many times can I generate a Jio Barcode from a mobile?
  • As per policy, you can generate only one Barcode from a mobile. By using our tricks, you can generate unlimited barcodes from a mobile device
  • How to prevent getting Jio Barcode Redeemed error?
  • If you have shared your mobile phone’s IMEI number, you could get an error that states that your Jio Barcode has been redeemed already. If you have already redeemed your Jio but you want another Barcode, try our IMEI changer trick.