Spectra Unveils Basic Broadband Plan With 100 Mbps Speed At Rs 999

The wait is finally over! Well-known broadband company Spectra has finally launched a new broadband plan which is available at a budget friendly price of Rs 999. The company has earlier launched three broadband plans, all of which have been well accepted by their customers. Spectra operates across a number of cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru to name a few. In cities like Delhi and Bengaluru, there are 1 Gbps broadband plans available. So, the company now offers two broadband plans – one of 100 Mbps speed and another with a 1 Gbps speed.

The new basic broadband plan from Spectra has been started in different regions where they are already offering the 100 Mbps speed plans. But it has not yet been launched in the cities where the company is offering the 1 Gbps plans.

Spectra Unveils Basic Broadband Plan With 100 Mbps Speed At Rs 999

Let us now have a look at the features of the Basic Broadband plan which his newly launched by Spectra.
The newly launched basic broadband plan from Spectra now offers download and upload seeps up to 100 Mbps. This is hence ideal for personal use or also for commercial use. The plan comes with an FUP capping of 200 GB for one month but it also has the feature of carry forward. In simple terms, it means that any data that has been unused in the present month will be carry forwarded to the next month. Such a feature was initially started by Airtel and was later implemented by other broadband giants like YOU Broadband and Spectra. Having said that the company did not yet reveal as to how much data a user can actually store in their account. This is something the customers need to clarify by calling the customer support team.

So, what happens when the user crosses the FUP of 200 GB per month? Well, the company has an amazing solution for the same as well. Once the FUP of customers usage crosses 200 GB, he/she will still be able to enjoy upload and download speeds of up to 1 Mbps. The monthly price customers need to pay to avail this basic broadband plan is Rs 999, and the final prices including the taxes comes to Rs 1359.

Save and Enjoy Double Data With Half Yearly Subscription

Spectra also offers an amazing half yearly subscription that offers double the data every month. This is a perfect solution for those who feel that the 200 GB FUP monthly limit is too low. For example, if a customer opts for a six month subscription, the company offers an FUP limit of 400 GB instead of 200 GB. This is applicable only during the subscription period and if a user chooses to renew for only a month after that, the FUP limits are back to 200 GB. The data carry forward feature is also available with the half yearly subscription.

If you are a new user, you also need to pay an additional of Rs. 1000 towards installation along with the six months subscription fee.

Spectra Basic Broadband: Enjoy 100 GB Data Top Up for just Rs 300

Spectra has also introduced a number of Data top-up schemes, which are good to be used by the users who have utilized their monthly 200 GB data. Users can top up with Rs 300 to get an additional 100 GB and they can continue using the plan with the speed of 100 Mbps.

If you haven’t switched to Spectra broadband yet, it is time you do so!