Reliance Jio Reportedly Working On Smart Home Devices & IoT

Undoubtedly, Reliance Jio has amassed the Indian Telecom subscribers in a short period of time. With over 100 million customers using their service, they have made heads turn with their success rate. The Jio has been started with more plans to create a safe ecosystem for personal technology.

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Jio has already planned to come up with exciting new smart home devices that come under Internet of Things or IoT.

Reliance Jio Products are likely to fill out your home and personal space and they are assured to help you with mundane tasks. They would keep your personal gadgets safe and secure.

While the company gave an overview of their future plans, they have showcased some exciting smart home devices. There has been no official confirmation about the details of the gadgets that are to be introduced.

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Let us see the latest IoT products range that is likely to be introduced in near future by Jio

Reliance Jio Smart Home Device For Security

Reliance Jio Smart Home Devices
Reliance Jio Smart Home Devices

With more gadgets focused on the security of the person and the personal belongings, Jio is likely to introduce a smart home device that offers better security to your home.

A video doorbell, CCTV support, and a smart lock are very much anticipated to be a part of the Reliance Jio smart device.

Reliance Jio Smart Devices For Safety At Home & Office 

Reliance Jio Smart Device For Safety
Reliance Jio Smart Device For Safety

Jio’s gas leak and Smoke sensor apps are likely to be a new Smart devices from Jio. They will let you know if there is any change in the way your appliances work. It is also expected to help you save on your energy bills.

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Reliance Jio Smart Home Devices Like Motion Sensor, Smart Switch 

Relince Jio New Project Home Devices
Relince Jio New Project Home Devices

There is also a big scope to see a smart home device that helps you enjoy the utmost convenience at your fingertips. This includes a motion sensor, smart switch, and smart home devices for air quality at home or work.