Reliance Jio GigaFiber Broadband Speed Test In Mumbai

The Indian Telecom industry is highly competitive. The Reliance Jio Gigafiber, in spite of being the new kid on the block, has got an impressive start.

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The company has recently reached its 100 Million subscribers mark and is being aggressive in the Telecom market with innumerable offers and freebies.

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Within 6 months of service, Reliance Jio has made India the number 1 consumer of mobile data. It has pushed India from the 150th position to the first in this short span of time.

Mukesh Ambani has said that all the Jio customers put together consume as much data as all of the subscribers of all operators in the USA.

Reliance Jio Broadband & Jio GigaFiber Plans

The Reliance Jio GigaFiber is all set with FTTP services and speed up to 100 Mbps. The focus of the wired broadband segment will come to light once Jio is stable in the wireless broadband segment.

With the approval of various city and municipal corporations, Jio is laying optic fibers across India.

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In selected areas in Mumbai including housing complexes, Jio is offering free Jio gigafiber services with unlimited data usage.

This preview is similar to the beta testing stage that was there when Jio was introduced first to family and friends of Jio employees.

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LYF handsets were also introduced in the similar fashion before the commercial launch of the wireless sector of Jio. At present, interested customers have to pay Rs 4500, which is refundable for the equipment.

If they do not wish to continue with the services, they can withdraw it anytime in future.

Reliance Jio Broadband, Jio GigaFiber Download Speed Speed Test

When the Jio network was tested, the Jio broadband download speed was 93 Mbps and the upload speed was 94 Mbps with a latency of 7 Ms.

reliance jio gigafiber broadband speed
reliance jio gigafiber broadband speed

This speed is the ideal speed as promised. Only when the service is launched commercially with many users, the real speed can be calculated.

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The network operates on a Jio branded square modem cum WiFi router and a small handheld device that acts as a splitter for optic fiber.

Jio Gigafiber Plans, Speed Based

Enjoy Reliance Jio Gigafiber broadband on a budget.

Jio Giga Fiber PlansSpeed In MbpsData LimitPlan PriceValidity
50 Mbps Plan502000150030
100 Mbps Plan1001000200030
200 Mbps Plan200750350030
400 Mbps Plan400500400030
600 Mbps Plan600300550030

Reliance Jio fiber Plans: Special Offer Based

The best way to enjoy Reliance Jio Fiber at low prices

Special Offer PlanData LimitSpeed LimitValidity
₹ 400UnlimitedN/A1
₹ 500600 GB15 Mbps30 days
₹ 5003.5 GB/dayN/A30 days
₹ 500N/A60 Mbps30 days
₹ 800Unlimited10 Mbps30 days
₹ 1000500 GB25 Mbps30 days

Jio Gigafiber Plans:  Volume & Usage Based.

Based on your usage, Reliance Jio gigafiber volume based plans gives you unlimited speed for the volume selected.

Per Day Data UsageSpeedPlan PriceValidity
5 GB Daily PlanUnlimited₹ 100030 days
10 GB Daily PlanUnlimited₹ 200030 days
20 GB Daily PlanUnlimited₹ 300030 days
40 GB Daily PlanUnlimited₹ 400030 days
60 GB Daily PlanUnlimited₹ 500030 days

The Reason Why Jio Is Successful:

The main reason why Jio is able to manage the quantum of data is that it has a Fiber backhaul, unlike the other network operators who have microwave backhaul.

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Reliance Jio has recently announced its Jio Prime membership program which is open for registration from March 1st, 2017. The registration will be open till 31st march 2017 with a one-time fee of Rs 99.

Reliance Jio DTH Launch, Jio DTH Plans & Other Jio Device News:

Reliance Jio is also set to launch Jio DTH & IPTV solution. The Jio DTH or Jio IPTV offers 500+ channels on an Android-based Reliance Jio set top box.

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The channels, including HD ones, are set to stream from the Jio gigafiber broadband network.

Reliance Jio DTH Plans & Launch Date
Reliance Jio DTH Plans & Launch Date

Reliance Jio has also planned for a collaboration with AirWire to offer Connected Car loT devices for the first time in India.

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The Smart home solutions are also expected to hit the market soon. The smart home solutions are to work through a mobile app to control your house appliances like a remote control. You can adjust your AC or unlock your door, the options are limitless!