It’s Official – Reliance Jio Website Mentions Jio Broadband & Jio Set Top Box, Service Will Launch Soon

The recharge section of the Reliance Jio website has now mentioned Jio broadband and Jio Set top box.

The Reliance Jio’s Summer Surprise is no more valid, but the number of services from Reliance Jio is being increased and it is hopeful that it would be growing much in the future.

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The Jio Broadband and the Jio Set top box are the most anticipated products from the Jio’s line of products. The hints are quite obvious that the service would start soon. On the recharge section on the Jio’s website, it shows options for recharging your Jio  Broadband and Jio Set top box.

jio broadband & jio set top box
jio broadband & jio set top box

Even though the services have not been available commercially yet, the appearance of these options clearly indicates that the services will be rolled out quickly.

The Jio gigafiber broadband service is being tested out in various regions at present. In areas around Mumbai, the Jio gigafiber is being tested for home service in some gated colonies.

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The picture of the Jio set top box from Jio had been recently leaked online through a forum and the pictures of the device have been shared widely ever since. The Jio broadband service is promising and it is said to work on the speed of 1 GB per second. The fiber networks are laid across India from the Reliance network for making their service optimal across the nation.

The Reliance Jio Set top box is all set to offer more than 360 channels. The number of channels is likely to increase after the service is rolled out commercially. Nearly 50 channels are said to have HD resolution as well.

The Jio Broadband has many other services including Video-on-demand, Gaming, and much more. The hardware sounds promising and is hopefully similar to Nvidia Shield. The content for the same would be used taken directly from the internet and not stored locally.

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Jio has been promising a bucket of other services as well. The Jio Car connect, Jio internet of things devices that help in everyday life are some of the promising services that are being expected to hit the market soon. For Jio, the services are never limited to one or two. It is a standalone technology company!