Reliance Jio Broadband Is The New Leader In The Indian Broadband market

According to Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI), Reliance Jio broadband is the new leader in the Indian broadband market.

reliance jio broadband
reliance jio broadband

Reliance Jio broadband that came to public use in September 2016 has pushed market giants Bharti Airtel and Vodafone.

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Jio broadband With its incredible offers on free data, voice calls, text, and roaming, it has climbed the ladder of fame, making it the top-most leader in the Indian Broadband market

In October 2016, Reliance Jio broadband was at the third position after Bharti Airtel and Vodafone India

The Reliance Jio Infocom has 52.23 million internet users compared to 43.93 million users for Bharti Airtel, 34.88 million users for Vodafone India, 28.40 million users for Idea Cellular, 20.39 million users for BSNL.

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This was calculated for November 2016 by TRAI.

Wired Broadband: Reliance Jio GigaFibre Subscribers Vs Airtel, BSNL & Vodafone

reliance jio broadband plans
reliance jio broadband plans

When it comes to wired broadband service, BSNL is the leader.  The following are the top five in wired broadband:

1. BSNL – 9.95 million

2. Bharti Airtel – 2.03 million

3. Atria Convergence Technology – 1.14 million

4. MTNL – 1.05 million

5. YOU Broadband – 0.60 million

Service Subscribers: Reliance Jio GigaFibre Broadband VS Airtel, Vodafone 

When it comes to wireless broadband connections, Reliance Jio GigaFibre leads the market. The top 5 players are:

1. Reliance Jio Gigafibre – 52.23 Million

2. Bharti Airtel – 41.9 Million

3. Vodafone India – 34.87 Million

4. Idea Cellular – 28.4 Million

5. Reliance Communications – 16.08 Million

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TRAI has also announced that the number of broadband subscribers has declined from 218.42 million subscribers in October 2016 to 218.26 million subscribers in November 2016. The decline rate was at 0.07%

Mobile & Dongle: Reliance Jio Broadband  Vs Airtel, BSNL & Vodafone:

Reliance Jio broadband has definitely posed a threat to the telecom market giants like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India, BSNL and much more.

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Despite the incredible offers and competition from Reliance Jio broadband, Airtel and Vodafone have kept up the competition by focusing on the Urban population for their growth in the market.

reliance jio broadband user base
reliance jio broadband user base

The mobile subscribers’ rate, in general, has stepped up to 1,099.51 million subscribers in November 2016. It was 1,078.42 million subscribers in the October 2016. The monthly growth rate was 1.96%

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The number of mobile subscriptions in the Urban areas have increased from 621.77 million in October 2016 to 638.46 million subscribers in November 2016. The growth rate is at 2.68%

The wireless subscriptions in the rural areas have also shown signs of increase. It has increased from 461.05 million in October 2016 to 456.66 million in November 2016. The growth rate is at 0.96%

reliance jio broadband user
reliance jio broadband user

The mobile Teledensity has also shown signs of increase. It has increased from 155.35 to 159.27 between October 2016 and November 2016.

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There is also an increase in the Rural Teledensity. It was 51.98 in October 2016 and it has increased to 52.45 in November 2016.

The total number of Urban and Rural subscribers that have helped with this amazing growth rate were 58.07% and 41.93% respectively according to November 2016 data from TRAI.