Pokémon Go: Deoxys Is Going To Be Next EX Raid Boss

Pokémon Go has announced the arrival of its Deoxys, the games EX Raid Boss. Some players have received a notification from Pokémon Go announcing that Deoxys is the next EX Raid boss. Players need a special type of invitation to participate in EX Raids. The special and unique feature of Pokémon Go is that players can receive invitation only if they play and battle in raids at specific gyms.

Previously, Mewtwo was the EX Raid Boss, but later Pokémon Go made Mewtwo available to all the interested players. This week, Deoxys proved to be the worthy successor to Mewtwo. It is now the strongest attacker in the game.

What is Pokémon Go Deoxys?

Deoxys is a psychic Pokémon with four forms. Each of them is centered on a different kind of stat. All these forms were previously added to the Pokémon Go’s server in summer. The signature move of Deoxys is the Psycho Boost that is programmed into the game. Deoxys is a Gen 3 Psychic with lot of firepower and will keep each and every player hooked on to the game.


EX Raid is a battle that gives players a chance of catching Pokémon at a set time and set gym location. Before joining the raid, players need a raid pass. There are there types of raid passes- EX Raid Passes, Raid Passes, and Premium Raid Passes. The most exclusive raid is the EX raid battle as it gives the opportunity to catch Pokémon and only special players will be invited to play this game.

Pokémon Go, How to get Deoxys?

Getting Deoxys will be easier for players who do not have the time to raid every day. The recent feature of Pokémon Go allows players to share their EX Raid pass with other players. This gives multiple players to get two chances to battle and capture Pokémon in raids. There is no official news or announcement from the Pokémon Go App or website. Players are getting this piece of leak information through push notifications.

The push notifications read out something like this “Are you ready? Pokémon Deoxys is coming to EX Raid battles”. Pokémon Go is yet to make an official announcement. We will be getting details of its various forms and features very soon.