OnePlus To Soon Enter The Market Of Smart TVs

Yes, you heard it right! Mobile giant, OnePlus is soon going to start making smart TVs. The company known for its amazing phones, also boasts of a catalog of amazing accessories like backpacks and wireless earphones. But, the company has never manufactured anything that is as complex as a TV. The very first announcement has been made on an online forum of OnePlus, describing the movie as “the first step in building a connected human experience.” The announcement was made by the Chief of the Company Pete Lau.

Pete Lau Will Be Leading the New Division

As per the official statement, the smart TVs of OnePlus will be manufactured at the new division and this would be led by Pete Lau. It is said that the development work is in progress and in its early stages. At the moment, the Chinese brand is busy taking inputs from its customers to know that their future smart TV priorities would be.

OnePlus is a global brand that has earned a place for developing phones that are budget friendly but have awesome specs. It now looks like the company has plans to shake up the segment of smart TVs in the same way. As per the CEO and the Founder of OnePlus, the very first launch of OnePlus TV will happen by 2019 and that their focus is entirely on the design, the sound and of course the image quality. As per Pete Lau, the present market of smart TVs is still very traditional and they are hoping to change that.

As per the CEO Pete Lau, the smart TVs that would be launched by OnePlus will have Artificial Intelligence smarts and will also feature an assistant. These can also be connected with the smartphones with ease. Though there hasn’t been any elaboration on what the assistant would be or about the other specifications of the smart TV as such.

Release date of oneplus smart tv and other important information

As mentioned earlier, the smart TVs from OnePlus will be launched during the early months of 2019 and the company also has plans to upgrade the models from time to time. They do understand the fact that people buy TVs less often when compared to smartphones and hence plan to update for a minimum of 5 years after its launch.


It would be interesting to see how the mobile giant would withstand the high competition, it would have from other well-known brands like Samsung, Sony and Panasonic. But the company believes that it is indeed a huge step that has been taken after considering a lot of pros and cons and after a lot of considerations and deliberations.

Well, with a number of smart TV manufacturers in droves and with Trump threatening new traffic on Chinese electronic products, it can be said that the move of OnePlus to make Smart TVs is indeed a gutsy one.
So, let’s wait and watch what the company has in store for its loyal customers. A new smart TV with features that are on par or exceed that of its competitors or will they make a good but a slow start?