OnePlus Has Teamed Up With Google To Launch A Mobile Puzzle Game Crackables

Those who are wondering what Crackables is all about; it is a crypto puzzle game that comes with a grand prize which is worth $30,000.

Both Google and OnePlus have announced an all new game which is called as Crackables. The game would feature real life as well as digital puzzles. A number of rewards will also be given to the players. The pros of the game are its amazing game set up and of course the $30,000 grand prize that will be given to the winner.

Those who love playing games, Crackables will be officially available from 8AM ET on the 18th of September, players have to compete against one another and have to solve a number of puzzles. The players need to quick and have to use the needed skills to solve the puzzles. Only the first 1000 players will make it to the three challenges and will also move to the final round.

The players are sent physical micro controllers for the final round, using which they need to continue on the competition. The game has been designed by Sleep Derivation Lab, which is also the home to the lead designer of Red Dead Redemption. So, players can expect a tuff and an exciting game path ahead.

When players start the very first game, they can get the instructions from the chat robot that explains the game rules. The game can be accessible only on Crackables and you will for sure need a mobile handset to play the same.

Crackables Game FAQ

Q. What was Google’s role in this campaign?

Ans. OnePlus worked closely with the APAC division of the Google Zoo team to develop this campaign. Google Zoo is a creative team within Google that helps brands and agencies unlock the creative potential of Google technology.

Q. Can the game be played on PC?

Ans. Crackables is a mobile-only experience

Q. Do I need to download an app to play Crackables?

Ans. No, anyone can play Crackables by visiting

Q.What are the prizes?

Ans. 1 Grand Prize: an Ultimate Gaming setup, valued at $30,000. In addition to the Grand Prize, there will be many other mysterious prizes awarded to second and third place winners.

Q. Can those with early access to the game compete for prizes?

Ans. Since Crackables is a time-based game, anyone who has early access is not eligible to compete for prizes

Q. What is Sleep Deprivation Lab?

Ans. Sleep Deprivation Lab was founded by Christian Cantamessa, an award-winning game designer and filmmaker. With its roster of experienced creators, the company provides writing, directing, and producing services for films, comic books, virtual reality and video games
Who wrote the Crackables challenge?

The Crackables Challenge was written by Davidson Cole. Davidson is an alumnus of the Sundance Film Festival (DESIGN, 2002) and has written for tabletop and video games for over two decades. He has been a writer for several sci-fi/fantasy/horror universes including the classic cyberpunk setting Shadowrun, F.E.A.R. and most recently Eclipse Phase. Davidson has been a Sleep Deprivation Lab collaborator since 2015