A Question On Quora About Muslims Using Jio Sim Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

In today’s internet generation, the authenticity of any news should be taken with a grain of salt. A user on Quora has asked if using the Jio Sim card is against Islam and that has created a ripple of laughter among other Quora users.

Do Muslims Use Reliance Jio Sim
Do Muslims Use Reliance Jio Sim

The question by itself makes no logical sense or reasoning and it has made fun out of the user and the Muslim community at the large.

Question: Do Muslims Use Reliance Jio Sim?

The Question posted by the user read, ” I’m an Indian Muslim and I read somewhere that using Jio SIM or any 4g connection is against Islam. Can anyone give me a valid reason for this?”

The responses for this question have been hilarious. Although it is a question with no reasoning or logic, there have been some serious replies for this person who raised this question.

Some Of The Best Answers: 

Bassam Atheeque: “You stated in your description, that YOU READ IT SOMEWHERE. Please brother, from next time, check for the authenticity of the source rather than asking it online.”

He also has stated that using a Jio Sim is not a Haram but watching Porn using the sim is. If you watch a News website, then it is absolutely fine!

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Mohammed Wasid: ” Stop reading such creepy stuffs and use your common sense.”

Kartike Kampassi: “Did it not strike your head that asking this silly question can mark a wrong impression”

Soma Pande: ” If we go by logic of accepting one technology and rejecting another on basis of religion then please tell me in which category does Wi-Fi belong ?”

Khan: ” Dear friend, Jio Sims were not around when Islam came into existence, therefore you are not going to find any direct instructions in the Qur’an or Hadith regarding their use !”

Tauseef Ahmed: “The reflex action after reading this question was letting out a hearty laugh..!”

PS:- Answering from Jio sim. Can’t write lengthy answer. Updating might take time..;)

David Jose: “I couldn’t help control my laughter reading this question. Please come up with many more such interesting questions.”

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Sudev Raj: “Reading this question, the first thought that popped into my mind is – How jobless are people these days?”

Adarsh Kumar: ” The person who told you it’s against Islam, you should go and punch him in the face.”

Anon user: ” No they don’t use jio sim because sugar’s melting point is very high.

(answer analogous to question)”

Disclaimer: This article in no way intends to hurt  the sentiments of any individual, community, sect or religion
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