JioFi Router – Specifications, Price, Plans and Packages and Review

The Internet has become an essential part of everyday life. Be it while you travel in the car or while you are at home, work or during travel, access to the internet is a must to get connected with the world. Accessing multiple gadgets is only possible with a router.

Reliance JioFi – Overview

Internet accessibility cannot be restricted to the mobile data or free Wi-Fi spots. A dongle is very useful to provide internet connectivity to more than one device at a time, anywhere by creating a hotspot.

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Reliance has named its portable Wi-Fi internet router as JioFi. It is a second generation dongle available in the market from September 2016. The JioFi router can be connected to non-4G devices as well, making it welcomed by a wider customer range.

What does the Jio-Fi Router cost?

The price of the Jio-Fi router in the market is Rs. 1999. The earlier version of the Jio-Fi router was priced same.

There are 4 different types of Jio-Fi routers based on the appearance and specifications:

Type 1:

JioMifi Router
JioMifi Router

JioFi 1 Router aka JioMifi – This was the earlier version of Jio-Fi. It was released in July 2016

Type 2:

Reliance JioFi 2 Router
Reliance JioFi 2 Router

JioFi 2 Router – This is the best-seller among all the Jio-Fi router types. It is available across all Jio stores

Type 3:

Reliance JioFi Router 3
Reliance JioFi Router 3

JioFi 3 Router – The router is an improvised version of the JioFi 2 router. It has an Oled screen that shows the battery level, Signal strength, and the connectivity

Type 4:

Reliance JioFi 4 Router
Reliance JioFi 4 Router

JioFi 4 Dongle – It is the promising new dongle from Reliance. It is not yet available over all the Reliance stores. It has seamless connectivity on PC and Laptop

JioFi 2 Router Specifications:

  • The portable Wi-Fi hotspot can connect up to 10 devices and one device on the USB
  • The Jio4GVoice app helps you enjoy HD voice and video calls even on 2G and 3G phones
  • The battery gives a backup of 6 hours. It is a 2300 mAh battery
  • The range easily covers two rooms

JioFi Tariff plans after the Welcome Offer is Exhausted

There has been no announcement of a JioFi specific tariff plan as of yet. From January 2017, all users have been recharging their Jio numbers using the prepaid or postpaid plans.

You can find the Tariff Plan for Jio Internet here

JioFi 2 Router review:

The connectivity across many devices is the best aspect of the JioFi router. Unlike other routers that slow down, JioFi 2 router is different.

The battery of the JioFi 2 router is amazing. It gives about 5 hours of battery life without recharging. The voice calling through the Jio4Voice is a great feature that lets you call any network.

JioFi Dongle – Features:

Pros Of JioFi Dongle:

  • It is thin and sleek than the usual JioFi router
  • The Oled display is a great feature
  • The Dongle has the same Jio Welcome offer like sim cards
  • All customers can use JioFi dongle, irrespective of if they have a 4G device or not.
  • Jio4Voice app helps in making HD video calls from all phones including 2G and 3G

Cons of JioFi Dongle:

  • It does not have a standalone battery. It has to be connected to a laptop or an external power source
  • The first generation JioFi router is priced same as the JioFi dongle. The former has a battery pack included.

JioFi Dongle Review:

The speed of the JioFi Dongle and the reliability in terms of speed are appreciated by all users of the JioFi dongle. It comes as a pack including the AC adaptor that can be plugged into any wall socket. You could also use the USB adaptor to connect it to your laptop or personal computer.

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Although the dongle does not have a standalone battery, it can be powered to life in any place using a power bank or even a car charger. The multi-colour LED shows the 4G signal strength, using a colour. It is a great feature to determine the speed with the colour of the light on the device.

How To Buy The JioFi Dongle and get the Welcome Offer Pack?

Here is the step by step process to get a JioFi dongle and activate the Welcome offer pack in it

Reliance JioFi Offer
Reliance JioFi Offer


  1. Visit the nearest Reliance Jio or Digital store.
  2. Get the JioFi Dongle or router
  3. When you submit the required documents, you will receive the Jio Welcome Offer pack
  4. Complete the tele-verification.
  5. Call 1800-890-177 from your registered mobile number to activate the data pack
  6. Install Jio4Voice app. This will help you make HD video and voice calls from any mobile.
  7. Call 1977 to activate the voice calling facility on your Jio Sim card