Solved: Jio Sim No Signal and Jio Sim No Network Problem, 5 Simple Solutions.

The Reliance Jio network could be patchy at times. There have been many complaints in the past that the Jio sim card has low signal or no network at all. Here are 5 simple solutions that will work every time your device does not have Jio signal

Preliminary steps:

The Jio Sim card gets activated only after the tele-verification has been done right. Check out if your device has been tele verified. Check the status of your device by following these steps:

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Steps to check If your device is Tele Verified:

  • Dial 1800-8901-977. If you are using Jio, dial 1977
  • Select the language
  • Enter the Jio number when prompted
  • You will get a message that will let you know if your device is tele-verified.

Once you submit the documents, you will get an SMS asking you to do the tele-verification. If you have not got your Tele-verification SMS, you would have to wait for 7 days. You can know the status of your application by dialing 1800-8899-999.

If you have got the tele-verification SMS, insert the sim card in the device that you have used to generate the token. Dial 1977 and verify your number.

Jio Sim No Signal and Jio Sim No Network Problem Solved
Jio Sim No Signal and Jio Sim No Network Problem Solved

Here are some common reasons why you’re facing Jio Sim No Signal or Jio Sim No Network Problem on any Device: 

  • The device is not 4G supported. The spectrum bands are compatible with Jio. If your device is a 4G device but does not have compatibility with the Jio signal, it will not get signal as expected.
  • If you have a dual sim device, make sure that both the sim slots support 4G sim cards. If not, place the Jio sim card in the slot that supports 4G.
  • LTE network mode should be set. You can do this by
  • Settings>Mobile Networks>Preferred Network Type
  • Data should be set to 4G compatible sim slot if you have a dual sim device
  • Check if the sim card is properly inserted. Try reinserting the sim card.

Check out the following methods to solve the Reliance Jio no signal network problem

Method 1: Restart Your Device To Solve Jio Sim No Signal or Jio Sim No Network Problem. 

This is the most basic trick to help you with when you do not have Jio Network on your phone. This could work in most cases

Method 2: Place The Sim Correctly:

Inserting the sim card in second sim slot will result in no signal. Make sure the sim slot is LTE enabled

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Method 3: Reboot or Restart your Mobile Phone

For most Android users, rebooting the device will help to get the signal.

Steps to reboot your Android Device:

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • Click on Phone Info
  • Tap Run Ping Test
  • Switch on the Radio option. Set it to On
  • Reboot device when prompted. 
jio sim no signal problem solved, jio sim no network problem solved
jio sim no signal problem solved, jio sim no network problem solved

This will fix the network problems on Jio sim card

Method 4: Set Up Network Manually To Solve Jio Sim No Signal Issue.

Here is the method:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on More Networks
  • Network mode should be set to WCDMA
  • Switch off the mobile data if it is on
  • Select the preferred network on the mobile by
  • Network operators>Search Network>Select Preferred Network
Jio sim no signal, Jio sin no network
Jio sim no signal, Jio sin no network

There will be a message on screen that says registered on the network

Method 5: For iPhone Users To Solve Jio No Signal or Jio No Network Problem.

  • Go to settings
  • Choose cellular option
  • Switch on data
  • Restore your Network settings

Check if you are on the LTE network. Visit Settings>Mobile Networks>Preferred Network>Choose LTE

Download JioSecurity from the MyJio app. Visit Settings>Accessibility>Jio Security and turn it on.

The network error will be fixed.

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Some places do not have good signal connectivity for the Jio Sim card. In that case, the problem should be reported through a service request on the MyJio app.