Jio Introduced New Prepaid & Postpaid Plans: From Rs 19 to Rs 9999, Here’s The Updated Tariff List

Reliance Jio is gaining the hearts of its subscribers day by day. With the Jio Prime plans introduced, Reliance Jio has restructured some of its popular plans to give the best to its subscribers.

With the new plans in place, non-Jio Prime members cannot buy any Prepaid plans above Rs 149. The Post Paid Plans are open only to Jio Prime members from now on.

Being a Jio Prime member has been more advantageous than ever. When you buy a data plan above Rs 149, you would get extra data and an extended validity than the previous plans. Unfortunately, people who have the Summer Surprise Offer will not be able to get the extra benefits. We believe that they wouldn’t need them either.

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Reliance Jio had seven Postpaid Plans in place when it was launched to the public. The Post Paid plans have been cut short. Only Rs 309 plan, Rs 509 plan, and Rs 999 plan are available now. The Rs 309 plan has replaced the benefits of Rs 303 plan while the Rs 509 plan has replaced Rs 499 plan.

Reliance Jio Prime New Prepaid & Postpaid Plans
Reliance Jio Prime New Prepaid & Postpaid Plans

Just make sure that you do not cross your data limits per day and your data speed would remain intact.

Here is the list of changed plans for more clarity:

Reliance Jio Prepaid Plans:

On all the Reliance Jio Plans, the unlimited voice calls, text messaging service, and a subscription to Jio apps is completely free. The FUP for most plans are 1 GB per day while some have a 2 GB FUP per day.

Jio Rs 19 Plan

The basic Rs 19 plan with just one-day validity is the smallest of the plans. The data has been reduced to 100 MB for non-Prime users.

Jio Rs 49 Plan

The Rs 49 plan has 3 days validity and it now offers Prime members 600 MB data while nonmembers get only 300 MB

Jio Rs 96 Plan

With 7 days of validity, the plan gives 7 GB data for Jio Prime members and only 600 MB for non-Prime Jio subscribers. It has a daily FUP limit of 1 GB.

Jio  Monthly Plan Rs 149

The Rs 149 monthly plan has a 28-day validity. The Jio Prime members would get 2GB data while the non-prime members get only 1 GB data

All the other plans above Rs 149 are available only for Jio Prime members.

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The Rs 303 Plan To Rs 309 Plan

The original Rs 303 plan had a 28-day validity with 28 GB Data. The FUP was 1 GB per day. Now, Jip Prime members can get 84 GB data with an 84-day validity on your first recharge.

The Rs 499 Plan To Rs 509 Plan

The plan had 56 GB 4G data valid for 28 days. With the new changes in place, the plan gives 168 Gb data valid for 84 days on your first recharge.

Jio Rs 999 Plan

The plan had a 60-day validity with 60 GB data. Now, on your first recharge, you can bag 120 GB data that will be valid for 120 days.

Jio Rs 1999 Plan

The plan initially had 125 GB data valid for 90 days. If you recharge it for the first time, you would get 185GB data for 150 days.

Jio Rs 4999 Plan

The plan had 350 GB Data with an 180-day validity. Now, on your first recharge, you could get 410GB data with 240 days validity.

Jio Rs 9999 Plan

The Plan had 750 GB Data valid for 360 days and now on your first recharge, you would get 810 GB data for 420 days.

Jio New Postpaid Plans

On the Reliance Jio Post Paid Plans, the voice calling service, text messaging, and the Subscription to the Jio Apps remain free. The FUP of 1 GB Data per day or 2 GB Per day has been applied to the post-paid plans. Enjoy more data and validity when you recharge them for the first time.

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The Rs 303 to Rs 309 Plan

The one-month valid post-paid plan had 28 GB data valid for the 28-day monthly cycle. When you opt this on your first recharge, you would get 90 GB Data that will be valid for 3 Months.

The Rs 499 to Rs 509 Plan

The Monthly plan with 2 GB data per day FUP, gets 56 GB of 4G data valid for one month. Now, on the first recharge, you would get 180 GB data valid for 3 months. The speed limit of 128 Kbps speed post your 2 GB data per day is applicable.

The Rs 999 Plan

The Plan has 60 GB of 4G data available for a month. If you do your first recharge, you would get 180 GB data with a 3-month validity.