The New iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max Just Fared Poorly In A New Drop Test

The iPhone, hailed as the flagship that redefines the concept of premium high end smartphones is always tested extensively after each release for performance and features. The recently released iPhone Xs and XS Max are no exceptions. While the Apple fanboys are going gaga over their stunning design and enhancements, the devices are also being tested for durability. The durability tests conducted on the two devices however have thrown up mixed results.

A warranty service provider Square Trade has carried out a number of durability tests on both devices. The tests were carried out to corroborate claims made by Apple of the IP68 water resistance rating and enhanced durability of new iPhones.

Apple says the two new iPhone models are equipped with most durable glass ever used on smartphones. The devices have IP68 water resistance and can survive water for 30 mins when dipped in 2 meters of water. In SquareTrade’s tests, both devices survived the water test but in terms of glass durability, did not perform as well.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Drop Test

While drop from pocket height will not cause much damage to the iPhone XS and XS Max, dropping them from a height of 6 feet onto a hard surface can cause significant damage, as was revealed by the drop tests. The iPhone XS shattered entirely. The iPhone XS Max got its back glass broken in this durability test.

Incidentally, both device feature glass on back and front for enabling wireless charging. The stainless steel frames used in both devices prevented breakage from side drop tests though. The damage is severe when the new iPhones are dropped face down, leading to malfunctioning display and scratches. The iPhone XS Max however still functioned but the Sibling stopped working totally.

A one minute tumble test both devices got scratches and hairline cracks. The pressure-based bend test led to the iPhone XS cracking at 250 pounds.

iPhone XS & XS Max Water Resistance Test

The water resistance of both devices was also tested by SquareTrade. The iPhone XS and XS Max both survived being submerged in a tank filled with beer for 5.30 minutes. Both the devices could be used after the test and they functioned perfectly well.

Source Square Trade