Huawei To Launch 5G Smartphone With A Foldable Screen In 2019

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum of the New Champions was held today. The summit focused on innovation, technology and science and was held in Tianjin of China. During the meeting, the deputy chairman of Huawei, Ken Hu confirmed that the company will release the first ever 5G foldable screen smartphone by the mid of next year.

Speaking on the occasion, the chairman of Huawei said that they have the roadmap ready to launch the 5G smartphone and that customers will be able to take advantage of faster speeds from mid 2019.

5G Smartphone with the foldable screen

From the time the company announced its foldable screen smartphone, both the customers and the experts were waiting to hear more about the device. The Chief of Huawei also said that the 5G speed would be way faster than 3G and 4G networks and will also be 50% more responsive.

He also mentioned that this is the very first smartphone that comes with a foldable screen that also comes with a speed that is 100 times faster. Users can also enjoy the experience of watching an HD video on the wide screen of the smartphone. It is also said that the upcoming smartphone will also use Kirin 980 processor that is AI capable. Also the device will have an OLED display technology.