HP Tango Printer Is The World’s First Smart Home Printer That Supports Alexa, Cortana

With time and progress of technology, computer and accessories have kept pace and have become more powerful and sleek looking than ever. The desktops have become slimmer and laptops have become lighter and compact than the past. Same can be said about the accessories. Only the PC Printer has not kept pace with the technological evolution much.


However, HP is set to change that with its new designed Tango printer. HP is a leading name in PC accessory sector and the Tango is unlike most printers you have seen in shops and homes. It is not- bulky or heavy! In fact, with properly designed covers you can make others feel it is a thick book.

The HP Tango has a nice fabric cover that is designed to make it resemble a large book and at first look, many will be deceived! The printer is made in a way that it can be operated by your Smartphone. Well, there are several printers in market that are Smartphone compatible but Tango takes things one step ahead. Using Tango mobile apps and the device, you can print even when you are away from home and that is pretty cool.
Beyond doubt, the new HP Tango is a very app-centric printer.


Unlike most printers that rely mostly on a PC to get data from, the Tango derives data from Smartphone or tablets. Getting freedom from clutter of wire is a nice thing and if the printer can be included in the list of wireless devices, its bliss. The Tango can also send notifications to your Smartphone and alerts too.

The best part about the Tango is its excellent compatibility with digital voice assistants! It can work with Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa. However, Apple users are out of luck as it lacks Siri support. The Tango has a nice LED illuminated paper tray which is handy to figure out if it is running out of paper. The device costs $169 and with cover, $235. There are 3 color choices for cover- Charcoal Linen, Cork Currant and Indigo Linen.