Google’s Sister Company Verily To fight Mosquitoes With AI

All of us are aware of the advantages of artificial intelligence and now the same is being used to curb the process of breeding in the Aedes mosquitoes. It is said that these are the mosquitoes that are responsible for the spread of a number of dreadful diseases like dengue, Zika and yellow fever.

The process is being implemented by none other than Verily, which is a healthcare company that is working under the parent company Alphabet. The company has also tied up with the National Environment Agency of Singapore to implement the sex sorting technology in the city and states.

Verily, also announced that it will soon start implementing the process in various countries of Southeast Asia. As per the statement, the technology will also be employed as a second phase as a part of the field study known as “Project Wolbachia — Singapore.”

As per the project, the company released more than one million Wolbachia infected Aedes male mosquitoes into the communities located in North Queensland in Australia. The process was started in the month of April and Verily, also partnered with “Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), the University of Queensland and James Cook University.”

As these infected mosquitoes are sterile, they do not spread diseases not do they bite. Also, when these mate with the female mosquitoes, the eggs to not hatch and this way, the population of mosquitoes can be curbed too.  As per the official statement, Verily will also introduce a release system that will be automated and will contain a cart that will work and dispense and distribute these mosquitoes into the areas in Singapore where the Aedes mosquitoes breed.