Chrome OS 69 Released With Google Material Theme, Night Light, Linux & More

Google is launching its Chrome OS 69 today on both desktop and android devices. The version 69 boasts to include the material theme of google. Coincidentally the launch date happens to be the google chrome browser’s 10th anniversary. In addition to this, the Linux app is launching on the chrome channel for select devices.

Google Chrome OS 69 Material Theme

The noticeable feature of the new google chrome OS 69 is its material theme. Similar to Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android, Chrome OS 69 introduces a new visual to the browsers top and corners. The different tabs now have rounded corners that slope into the rest of the bar.


When not being viewed, these tabs are separated by a line, and the “plus” icon to open a new tab loses its outline. The new tab page has been redesigned with a white background, rounded favicons that can be edited, and matching pill shaped address bar.


Users can also have their own customized background by uploading one from the default gallery or uploading an own photo. With the chromo OS 69, the Omnibar is also more powerful and displays search queries immediately. The Omnibar also has an option of dropdown with URL suggestions. The chrome OS 69 also displays translations, sports scores, weather forecast, definitions, and answers to questions.

Linux for Chromebooks


With the introduction of Chrome OS 69, the Linux for Chromebooks is also entering the channel on particular devices. This helps the developer run Linux applications and command line tools. Once set up, users can have access to a terminal and will be able to install apps and other necessary packages.

Night Light On Chrome OS 69


The new update also introduces night light to chrome OS 69. This special feature manages display color through the whole day and reduce eye strain of the users. There is also an automatic feature of sunrise and sunset schedule which allows users to make their own color and brightness display.

Voice Input and TTS

Now on the chrome OS 69, the voice dictation feature can be more easily used. A new microphone button in the status bar helps users access this feature independent of the virtual keyboard and the keyboard microphone icon. This appears on the left of the status bar and a shortcut “SEARCH+D” can be used to begin input when the cursor in in text editing field.


All these impressive features definitely make the new Google Chrome OS 69 more interesting and useful. Most google chrome users would already have this redesign on desktop, android, and iOS versions of chrome.