Google Apologizes For Changing Battery Setting On Android Pie Smartphones

A number of android pie users did get surprised when the feature on their smartphone called the battery saver got activated automatically. Some of them did panic as it feature went on even without their knowledge. But what came as even more surprising was the fact that it was Google that was behind what all happened.

A number of android pie users started reporting in Reddit that the better saver function of their smartphone just got turned on. After a discussion on the Google Pixel subreddit, a confirmation was given by official Google about such a behavior and the company stated that it was only accidental.

Google changed a battery setting on Android pie phones

An early reported suggested that it might have been a bug that caused the issue. Android pie is presently used only by a limited number of people as the devices too are limited. This is only used in the Pixel services of Google.

The feature, called battery saver can help the mobile phone from completely dying when the battery level gets too low. The feature limits some of the battery hungry apps and only a few features like calling and messages can be used.

So, the feature can be switched on by the smartphone user once the batter reaches a certain level and the same can also be changed by the user. But the accidental rollout of Google happened to change the said threshold for a number of Android Pie users.

While a number of smartphones used in this modern era depend on the background apps and updates, such an accidental error from Google has started to raise questions about the user’s invasion of privacy.