Facebook Started Testing Its New Dating Service To Compete With Tinder

Now you no longer need to log on to dating sites. Yes, our favorite social media platform is going to introduce the dating feature. Today, the social network is going to test the dating feature in Colombia. Facebook dating has a close resemblance to its tough competitor Hinge. However, what makes Facebook dating different is its integration with events and groups. This feature encourages users to meet in public.

Features of Facebook Dating

The feature of Facebook dating is entirely within the app. Currently, it is not available on the Facebook website and to find it users have to scroll into the hamburger menu. The Facebook feature is available to users who are 18 years of age and above. Once you open this feature and want to use it, you have to create a separate dating profile.

facebook dating service launched

Only your name is carried over from your Facebook profile. This will help you maintain your privacy. While creating your dating profile, you can write a short description about yourself that will be visible to other users. Your dating profile can contain a mixture of photos that can come from your Facebook uploads, google photos, or camera pics on your phone.

Facebook dating allows you to search for matches within 100 kms. After adding your correct location, you will not be able to change it to any virtual location to browse for matches elsewhere. Once you begin your search, Facebook will exclude your existing friends from the list of matches.

While searching for possible matches, Facebook dating considers your location, similarities, shared page likes, and mutual friends. If you like a particular match, you can connect with that person by clicking on “Express interest” or tap the photo or answer to a question. The recipient can either ignore or accept or send a message back.

Goal of Facebook Dating

The main aim of Facebook dating to promote interaction between people and find their suitable dating interest. The company is focused on bringing people together and creating mutual relationships. The dating pool can be expanded by using Facebook Events and Groups. Facebook launches its first test in Colombia. If it hits off well in Colombia, then the dating feature can be promoted in other places as well. If this feature is a success, Facebook dating can also have an app of its own.

The ultimate goal of Facebook dating is to be the single best place to start a relationship!