BSNL Ananth, Ananth Plus Prepaid Plans Offer Unlimited Calling

BSNL has been known for, and has always introduced prepaid plans that are specific to a circle, in the country. However, with the introduction of its two new STVs in the circle of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, which has on offer, the unlimited voice calling benefit, it has surely moved to a new height. The two plans which are called as the BSNL Ananth and the BSNL Ananth Plus are strategically priced at Rs. 105 and Rs. 328 respectively.

With unlimited local, STD and roaming voice calls, the only difference between these two plans is the validity. Owing to its introduction in that particular circle, these plans have now been introduced and are available in other circles too! However, their prices in these circles are different. Rs. 99 and Rs. 319 respectively, to be precise. However, the benefits they offer, remain the same.

BSNL Ananth, Ananth Plus Prepaid Plans Offer

Benefits and validity of the BSNL Ananth Plus plans

Talking about the BSNL Ananth Plus Plan, the validity of this plan is 90 days, and users who recharge using this plan can now make unlimited voice calls to not just BSNL, but any other network in the country. BSNL has its operations in over 20 telecom circles across the country, barring the two circles, Mumbai and Delhi, which has MTNL covering operations for them.

Although the plan is priced at Rs. 328 in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana circles, it can be bought at a cheaper rate of Rs. 319 in some other circles. But all circles will get the same benefits the plan has on offer, nonetheless. The only other two networks that are offering such benefits in the country are Reliance’s Jio and Airtel. BSNL has introduced these plans as it wants to lock horns and have a tussle with telecom biggies like Airtel.

Benefits of BSNL’s Ananth Prepaid Plans

Today, although the situation of the telecom industry is different, and has major operators giving out a combo of voice and data benefits to its users, still, in the wake of all these major changes, BSNL has opted to give out voice-only benefits. This is because, it believes there is still a huge section of people in this country, who use phones for just calling and talking to others. And so, they say these plans could cater to them, in a huge way. This large section of population in India still use feature phones and so would like to have a voice-only plan. BSNL is targeting this rather large section of phone users with their Ananth Prepaid Plans, and not to mention, the Ananth Plus plans.

The BSNL Data Tsunami pack for heavy data users

BSNL, however, has not completely ignored those data-savvy, smartphone users, and has introduced a plan for them as well, called the BSNL Data Tsunami pack. The plan is priced at Rs. 98, and offers 1.5 GB data on an everyday basis, for 26 days. This plan has on offer, 1 GB of data per day at just Rs. 1.5, deemed to be one of the cheapest in the country in recent times. Realizing that the craze for text messages has declined over time, BSNL has not offered any plan that seems to save costs on SMS or text messages.