Apple Watch Series 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch: Smartwatches Face Off

The smartwatches are evolving and while the adoption rate is not as high as smartphone, that does not stop manufacturers from introducing new versions every few months! As is the case in Smartphone sector, the two giants engaged in battle for supremacy in smart watch segment are Apple and Samsung. The latest version of Apple watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch are out. Both the devices have their pros and cons and users should choose as per their usage needs and budget.

The new Samsung’s Galaxy Watch resembles a premium watch and has an always-on display with oodles of watch faces for absolute personalization. It also lasts for several days with normal usage. Apple’s Watch looks like a true iPhone accessory and scores owing to its array of apps. The new Apple Watch will appeal more to health aware users and it is less heavy and thick. However, it loses out in battery life. The fact is both are excellent smart watch devices but target different user groups.

apple watch 4 vs samasung galaxy watch features and specification

Design– The Apple watch looks like a tech masterpiece with high aesthetic appeal. It will fit most wrists easily. The same cannot be said about Samsung’s Galaxy Watch which is heavier. However, it does look like a premium watch.

Health apps– The Apple watch has inbuilt health apps and there are huge number of third party apps. Samsung does pack in some such apps in galaxy watch but the range is not as extensive. The USP of Apple watch is the ECG feature which is soon going to be available.

Battery life– When properly set up and used normally, you can expect the new Samsung’s Galaxy Watch to last for 4 days. Apple users can get close to 2 days of battery life if the device is used lightly. So, here Samsung gets the lead clearly!

Display– Both devices sport bright Amoled displays but the Apple watch races ahead with a resolution of 326 ppi while the Galaxy watch has a resolution of 278ppi.

The common features include wireless charging, voice calls and Heart-rate Monitor.