Toyota Is Finally Adding Android Auto Support To Its Vehicles

In the last few years, more and more companies have included support for Android Auto in their car infotainment systems. This includes both regular and luxury car brands and the infusion of Android auto have been found in all sorts of vehicles- sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and trucks. One major car maker that refused to use Android Auto in its lineup of vehicles is Toyota.

The Japanese car giant did not use Google’s infotainment software while rivals continued the adoption-around the world. However, that is going to change in near future. As per the new reports, Toyota has signed an agreement with the internet search giant to introduce Android Auto in its cars.

The main reason Toyota shied away from using Android Auto is the personal information to be collected by Google. Toyota was worried about the privacy woes that may affect its customers. However, the company integrated Apple’s CarPlay in its models. The models like RAV4, Corolla and Avalon were the first to get Apple Carplay in the infotainment setup. Google has not made any comment on the issue so far.

android auto in toyota car

It is not yet clear which Toyota vehicles will get Android Auto and whether it will make foray across entire lineup. The Luxury wing of the brand Lexus may or may not get it. As of now, Toyota has not made any official announcement on the topic but industry buzz is the company may do so soon. An announcement from Google is also expected. Earlier the car maker said it is aware of the growing demand for Android Auto and it will also think of including direct support.

If Android Auto is incorporated into Toyota vehicles it will benefit both the companies. Toyota will be able to catch up with its rivals like Nissan, Ford and Mitsubishi who already offer android Auto in their various models. Google will be able to get even with arch rival Apple in auto technology sector.

The users will also be benefited and it will no longer be necessary to rely on Apple devices to control several car features on the move.

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