ACT Fibernet Is Now Offering 1.5 TB Additional Data To Its Subscribers

Ever since Reliance Jio GigaFiber came into existence in the market, every other service provider is trying to balance their pricing as well as the VAS. It brings no surprise to the impact now ACT Fibernet who provides the internet broadband service in many of our Indian cities has revised its plan and tariff to counter the challenges by its competitors to 1.5 TB extra data to the ACT Fibernet customers.

The 3 cities are targeted initial phase which are Bengaluru, Coimbatore and Delhi. The users from these locations will benefit 1.5 TB of extra data with 300 GB break down per month. Its mandatory to avail these benefits of extra data into their account, the users are required to subscribe for a period of 6 months to 12 months.


The plan is valid till February next year 2019. The plan is offered more like a prepaid service model, that is when a customer signs for a long term 6 months or 12 months period of broadband service engagement the extra data will be added into the users broadband account and the FUP continues to apply as well.

Additional Data Offer is Applicable on Select Broadband Plans

The use of this plan cease to exist from February 2019, which means customers should complete their quota or use of the 1.5 TB data before the month of February 2019, after which the data does not get carried forward in their accounts. The availability of this benefit of 1.5 TB of data per user is on the following subscription plans of 6 to 12 months period which are ACT Progress, ACT Storm, ACT incredible, ACT Lightning, Act Rapid plus, and ACT advance. Apart from these plans ACT does have new revised offers on these plans which are ACT Swift and the ACT giga plan.

ACT Fibernet Additional Data Offer Valid Only On Six Months or Yearly Rentals

The extra 1.5 TB internet data is only available to customers who sign the agreement for 6 months and 12 months service period. In addition ACT also provides free installation as well as WiFi router to each user who signs up the service contract. All these benefits are only available to customers who will sign up the contract agreement for the said period of 6 months and 12 month committed stay in their networks.

Free Services to Loyal Customers as service commitment.

In the broadband pricing war and competitive quality service assurance only the best stays with the customer to survive in the market. Bringing the customer loyalty to company’s growth strategy is not as easy as one can think. ACT Fibernet now brings broadband service free of cost up to 6 months for customers who selects a plan with 6 months or a year in a stretch. This service is presently offered to customers in Chennai.

The competitive internet data market.

Service providers such as YOU broadband and the Excell Broadband do have similar plans like ACT Fibernet where the service is offered free of cost for a long period of customer contract engagement in addition with the data volume additions in to customer’s account. The intent is to lock customer’s exit as well as attract new customers to get into their network service usage.